The Essex Business squash league

The Essex Business Squash League

League rules

The league cycle runs from 1 July 2018.
Matches are handicapped with players allocated as Premier, Gold, Silver or Bronze by The Squash Club.
Matches between players of same standard scored from 0-0.  Matches where standards differ begin with handicap scoring.
Handicaps - Premier 0, Gold 2, Silver 5, Bronze 7, e.g Gold v Gold games start at 0-0, Silver v Bronze start at 5-7
Best of 3 game matches, point per rally (i.e. par scoring) to 11.
At 10-10 in a game, player must win by 2 clear points
Winner of each match gets 3 points, loser gets 1 point.  Winners to hand match result to Event Ambassador at the event
Lets and strokes to be managed by players.  If in doubt, let to be called and point to be replayed
Match contestants and match result to be emailed to by Event Ambassador within 24 hours of event
Only matches played at The Squash Club events count towards league
We will have monthly league awards and an overall league award as at 30 November 2018